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    i really like my phone, and i am not complaining about it. however, there is one thing that kind of bothers me. I love the notifications, but when i get a text message, i don't like that it shows you what the person sent. I dont like that it pops up with "XXX: hey how's it going" On my centro, it would just vibrate, and the "notification' would be a bell in the corner, and it was more discreet. Does anyone think that they will do something similar to this in an update? Does it bother anyone else"? I would like for there to be an option where it would just vibrate, and maybe it could say "XXX sent you a message" or "you have 1 new message" or just have the little talk bubble icon go to the bottom of the screen automatically. Same for the email notifications as well. Just because, in case anyone is going through my phone, I don't want everything to just pop up if i'm in the middle of a convo or something. It's not a big deal, but I just wonder if anyone else feels the same way. And, i noticed today that if you don't have sound notifications checked yes in the messaging "app" then it won't vibrate, which i wish it did. It will only vibrate if you have the sound on....hopefully, maybe, this will be addressed?
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    probably not, this is actually one of the better features on the phone that the majority of the people love..

    maybe someone can develop something to stop this but I doubt it
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    You can turn the notifications off. I have never done that so I don't know if the phone will still alert you in some way, shape or form that you have a new message. Give it a shot, go to the SMS app, click on "Messaging" in the top left corner, and go to Preferences and turn it off.
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    I've tried turning them off but that way it doesn't show you at all that you got a message or'd have to go in manually and check. I guess it would be nice if when you turned them off they would just put the little talk bubble o n the bottom. Oh well, it just would be a nice option I think but no problem I still really love this phone
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    There is an option to not show notifications when the phone is locked. Otherwise, I would think you want to see it. For short messages, you can get the whole thing. Then maximize and swipe delete the notification without ever having to go into messaging.
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    I hope not, I love the feature of it giving you a glimpse of the message that way I know if I need to respond right away or not.
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    is it just me, or do email notifications since 1.1 have the effect you desired? Whenever Ig et an email, I just get a ding, and an envelope, but no preview or clue as to which inbox it was.
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    @pomokey, hmm no mine doesn't do that, it dings and brings up the latest email and who it was sent from and the subject line.

    @sacherjj ok, i did this, and this is really close to what i wanted. i can't believe i didn't see that before, it was silly really. i think that's a good enough fix for me!

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