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    So this morning, my pre randomly powered itself off about 4 times...then when I got ready to go on my lunch break at work, open my purse and it was off AGAIN. So I took it to BestBuy and they exchanged it. of course I had to put in my palm profile information into the new device. Fine. I didn't remember the password so it prompted me for my security question. got through that. got new password. Okay now the issue: only two contacts imported into my new pre. BOTH are the sprint numbers. WTF. Why is this happening to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??

    The BestBuy guy tried bluetoothing it and a bunch of other random tech stuff, but no luck.

    Anyone know why this happened?
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    It looks like your palm profile not up todate. I am having some issue with my Pre as well. called the Palm care center to solve it, when they check on my profile, she said the last update was 3 days ago, when I said how comes the device says the profile update daily automatic, she did not have lagic explination for it.
    so the bottom line is your palm profile it's not there up todate
    Good luck
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    I have a lot of contacts. When I exchanged mine, my contacts only reloaded to about the letter "h". I don't know if the service tech did a reset, or no, but they told me that it was just taking a long time to load. I doubt that the contacts have been erased in your cloud profile. Try erasing your profiles in your contacts and then go to "add a profile".

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