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    I am wondering if anyone had ad issues with the screen freezing with the Palm logo and nothing I and Sprint did got ride of it.

    Removed battery
    Power+ringer switch
    Orange+#+7+8+6, release then #
    Palm website to do a wipe OTA
    Sprint trying to reset OTA

    No for the funny part...on vacation in Orlando, FL and have to find a Sprint store. Anyone in the Orlando area that can offer the closet store near Disney?
    Not familiar with the area but think there is one at 8910 Turkey Lane Road.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm sure it was a typo but the address should be more like: 8910 Turkey LAKE Road. That address is not that far from the Disney area. (I am about 26 miles away from the Turkey Lake Road address).
    Sprint's site also lists a Kissimmee store which may be a bit closer:
    1001 West Vine Street
    Kissimmee, FL 34741
    (407) 933-2113

    I have had a few freeze ups like you describe but it was early on. I put the phone away and came back later to find it snapped out of it!
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    webOS doctor...
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    Like mdmogren said, webOS Doctor or new phone. Check this thread for tips on running webOS Doctor.

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