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    A palm rep at my local sprint store informed me of something I though was rather interesting. According to him. Sprint is currently testing "dual band" towers in order to begin the wide spread use of a 4G network. He stated that one is being tested in san francisco and that the radius of a 4G tower is 50 miles. He said "with that, there'll be no more roaming." naturally I was curious to see what he said about the Palm Pre's ability to utilize a 4G network. He took out what looked to be a sprint internal brochure designed to answer question of 4G capability, and he said "now it's just in testing, but 4G towers are up around country", currently the radio in the receiver is on a 3G frequency, but its possible that an UPDATE will be released that changes the frequency of the radio in the pre, making able to receive a 4G frequency." So I asked "but I thought there was an issue of FCC approval and the pre needing a WiMax radio (WiMax was littered all over the brochure)"
    He stated "yeah there's that, but if its downloaded, its downloaded"
    So I don't know how plausible his statements were, but from what he said means that palm and 4G are in the works.
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    Not sure why these threads keep popping up. The Pre is NOT 4G. It cannot be made to work with the 4G network. It doesn't have the right radio inside. A software change cannot change that.
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    Compatible and capable are very different.
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    I'm curious about this as well, the reason being I get a bunch of folks whose technical experience I significantly distrust posting on sites like this that the pre does not have the radio, but a preliminary search of google at one point directed me towards a thread on the "palm" forums in which a technical representative from palm posted that it does support wimax...

    Though I may be easily swayed as 4g(wimax) is out in certain areas and it doesn't appear palm has registerd 4g radio with the fcc....

    Sorry for the ambiguous post but I'm waiting as well.
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    Personally i've seen some other companies use specific chipsets designed for X but use a very creative software algorithm to achieve Y. in this case Y would be 4G and X would be 3G, now also those companies i wont name but i've worked on the hardware and software enough to see things used in ways they were not designed. it also caused people to look at that particular implementation as 'fake Y' but hey if IMO if it works it works. if not then they need to come out with a better product that supports a "true 4G' chipset.
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    The Pre can not do 4g and no, software updates can not change that. The idiots are probably confused with the wifi freq which is close but not the same as wimax.

    NOT possible. Look up the fcc docs on the phone.
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    what speed is considered 4G? Are they going to speed up the current 3G speeds? 3.5G?
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    Will work with 4g, but will not acheive 4g speed, period. Now let this die already
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    4G should be speeds close to cable, or wifi.... I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edlex View Post
    Will work with 4g, but will not acheive 4g speed, period. Now let this die already
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    Local sales rep:

    Me: Is the Pre 4G?
    Rep: Oh yeah man, our network kills ATT's. A software update will enable 4G on the Pre.
    Me: Really? Wow, that's great. I'll take a Pre!
    Rep: Cool.
    Me: By the way, can I use 3G data + voice simultaneously?
    Rep: Of course. Again, Sprint's network owns ATT's.
    Me: Wow, thanks.

    Again, Sprint....please regulate your reps more. Even if they are not corporate reps.

    Less sizzle, more facts please.
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    I understand there's been many post concerning 4G on the Pre and much debate whether it is possible on the Pre. This is simply what a Palm rep told me. Also, I never inquired as to whether or not the Pre would be on a 4G network, and it wasn't like he was trying to sell me the bloody thing because I had mine in my hand. I was just talking to him about Palm's direction concerning software updates
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    again people, compatible and capable are VERY different.

    Its just like anyone who bought a laptop just before vista came out, it had a sticker on it saying 'vista compatible'. This doesn't mean you can install vista later on and everything will be dandy.

    same goes for the pre and 4G.

    Sprint reps are uninformed straight up. I never listen to what they have to say, you can find out more by just doing the research yourself. They will tell you the pre is 4G just to make the sale.

    When sprint launches their 4G network on the west coast (im pretty sure its already going in a few states on the east coast) your pre will still work, where as most phones for sprint will not. However, you wont notice a difference cause the pre will still be running at 3G speeds. Like everyone keeps saying, it doesn't have a 4G radio... period.
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    I actually just saw one of the sprint commercials that mentions 4g today, and I noticed in the bottom corner of the screen, the very first words of the disclaimer were "3g Palm Pre"
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    I wonder if he meant upgraded radio in future manufactured pre's, and not software updated for existing pre's thats already out. Your first post says nothing about it being a software update, just UPDATE. I cant find anything on the web that says the current pre has any 4g chip, so I can only believe either he was just wrong, or you misunderstood him.
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    you can't find anything cause there is nothing...if it dosent have it it won't. They won't put a 4g chip in some and not others. Maybe pre2. I'm sure the pre will work on a 4g network. Much like the iphone2g works on a 3g network.
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    I mean... since a full rollout is coming in 2010, I wonder how outdated the Pre will be then. :-/
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    These threads should automatically be deleted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roor View Post
    Compatible and capable are very different.
    Really how so??

    the pre is neither compatible or capable with sprints 4G there is no Wi-max integration with ANY phone out to this date!!

    Sorry people but this topic is being discussed ad nauseum!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LinT View Post
    what speed is considered 4G? Are they going to speed up the current 3G speeds? 3.5G?
    When 4G is completely rolled out, it has theoretical throughput of 1Gbps downlink with 100Mbps on the uplink.

    Note I said theoretical.

    Current testing has yielded 15-30Mbps downlink, enough to stream 1080p over the air.
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