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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick View Post
    Local sales rep:

    Me: Is the Pre 4G?
    Rep: Oh yeah man, our network kills ATT's. A software update will enable 4G on the Pre.
    Me: Really? Wow, that's great. I'll take a Pre!
    Rep: Cool.
    Me: By the way, can I use 3G data + voice simultaneously?
    Rep: Of course. Again, Sprint's network owns ATT's.
    Me: Wow, thanks.

    Again, Sprint....please regulate your reps more. Even if they are not corporate reps.

    Less sizzle, more facts please.
    that goes to show how much reps actually know about cell phone technology!!

    that is a shame... SMH
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    As was said numerous times in this thread, the Pre is not 4g capable, period. It may "work" on a 4G tower, but your speeds will still be 3g. Simply doesn't have the hardware necessary, period.

    Just to clarify in case people don't believe science and only reality, I live 30 minutes from DC and 20 minutes from Baltimore. Baltimore was the first city to get 4G, and I am in the Baltimore "circle" on Sprints map. I also drive through there, work in Baltimore County every once in awhile, and visit points of interest in the City. I have NEVER seen 4g work on my phone (including today, when I drove through there to get somewhere else). I wasn't expecting it to, but if the Pre was 4G capable, I would know. It is not, period. End of discussion. No more 4G threads please
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    As others have stated, there's a huge difference between "compatible" and "capable. A horse & buggy is compatible with a highway, but it could hardly be described as highway-capable. Just because something might able to operate on a faster roadway, or a faster network, or whatever, does not mean it it will ever operate at the speeds of equipment intended for those environments.

    The Pre is 3G hardware. If the 4G network allows it to jump onboard, great. But it will still be driving at 3G speeds.
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    It would be funny because my home ISP is Sprint's own 4g wirelss Xohm service. I even have a laptop with embedded 4G radio from when I was beta testing the service. So far I've seen and heard nothing that would suggest Sprint embedded a hidden Wimax radio in my Pre. I can gurantee that if they did they would be advertising the hell out of it because pretty soon they are going to be in a heated battle with their competition that is gearing up to roll out LTE s their 4G wireless standard. It's really a losing battle to be honest. The only way they could win that battle would be to drive adoption to such a level as to stand up to the coming 4G competition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ABBlockhead View Post
    The Pre is 3G hardware. If the 4G network allows it to jump onboard, great. But it will still be driving at 3G speeds.
    The Pre won't even jump onto that 4G highway. Like AT&T has done with 2G/3G (GSM/HSPA), Sprint will maintain its 3G network in parallel with its wi-max network, but a 3G (EVDO) radio-equipped phone will not be able to receive a wi-max signal.
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