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    Just can't figure it out.can't there be a direct download to your I can get homebrew apps through file coaster....its just annoying.I stopped by at@t today and looked at the 3gs and I just can't pull the trigger.the Iphone on the internet sucks,it is so slow.I live in south florida with great signals for at@t and the internet connection blows.......I don't care how many people say how fast the new iphone is..its NOT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by briggsie View Post
    can't there be a direct download to your phone.
    The SDK goes on your computer, not your phone.

    You don't need the SDK to get homebrews on your phone, but you can't download them direct to the phone (at least not at this point). You d/l them to your computer and get them on your phone from there. This link might help you with that part:

    Tutorials webOS Installing An Ipk - WebOS Internals
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    Follow the directions in jennigraces link. You also need the palm SDK post 1.1 or you may get novacom driver errors.

    Sign up here and download if you need to.

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    PreCentral's steps have a lot more explaination and I think are easier to follow:

    A Simple How-to Guide for getting homebrew apps onto your Pre

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    i got it to work.thanks alot everyone

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