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    Haven't tried with the Pre yet, but there is no Sprint service where I am on weekends. My Treo synced well with Alltel most of the time, but when I got a voicemail and tried to call back I would hear my own message and couldn't retrieve the message. As soon as I got back on the Sprint network I could access the voicemails normally. While I hope this won't happen with the Pre, it raised the question of how I might be able to retrieve those voicemails from my phone without automatically dialing VM, or if I wanted to retrieve them from another phone. I have not been able to find this anywhere. Any suggestions?
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    Your voicemails don't actually live on your phone... so this isn't really a *phone* issue. Different phones have different shortcuts to get to VM, but most of the time all they're doing is dialing your phone number. If the system recognizes that you are calling yourself, you bypass your greeting and go straight to the passcode (if you've got it enabled) and then to your messages.

    You should be able to access your voicemail from any phone, just by calling your own number. Once you hear your greeting, press * and you'll be prompted for your passcode. Everything from there is "normal."

    If you're hearing your own greeting when you call your VM from somewhere outside of the Sprint network, you should still be able to dial * and get in.
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