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    Am I alone here? The old sound was too sharp, too defined, this new one has a dullness to it that makes it more acceptable, especially when the phone is to your ear.
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    I liked the old one, the phone sounds retarded/slow now(no offense)
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    Am I alone here? The old sound was too sharp, too defined, this new one has a dullness to it that makes it more acceptable, especially when the phone is to your ear.
    I feel the compleat opposite, you can't hear this sound as easily in a loud environment (which is the whole purpose of having a sound, to hear it!!!), like the DJ booths i work in, and the new sound makes it sound like my speaker is fooked up. I miss the sharpness of the old sound, well, that is untill i found the old sound on here and put it back into my phone using a homebrew app to make it work!!!!!!
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    I like it more than I hate it. It's great when it's not that loud but when I can't hear it it becomes a problem.
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    I like the new one.
    The old one was SO freaking loud and annoying...

    But either way, I just used another tone I got cause both aren't great. =/
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    i dont know about yours, but my new tone is great.. it doesnt sound dull or anything, it sounds like some wooden water chimes or something.

    especially better considering i get messages all day on my phone when im at work in an office - no annoying BEEP BEEP, just a subtle ding ding.
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    I kind of like the new one better too. The old one was very sharp, almost piercing, to me. I get quite a few notifications during the day. Got so tired of hearing it that I just perminantly switched my ringer to vibrate.
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    Depends on what you need. If you're in noisy environments, or if you have partial hearing loss as my wife does, the old tones are better. In a quiet environment, the new ones are less disturbing.

    Best of all is just to have a choice (like the homebrew app that does that!).
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    The new one sounds like the battery is dying or that the phone is choking trying to play the sound.

    Naturally a choice in sounds would be a better option but aparantly that is a 1.5 feature or 2.0
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    I'm OK with the sound, but it's too low for my choice.

    I know there is a Homebrew for picking these sounds, but why didn't Palm give us that ability to begin with?

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    if someone can get an mp3 of this sound you can use mp3 gain to up the volume and my notifications to use it.for those that like it
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    I dig it! I like more muted sounds as it is. I actually found the old sound to be kind of abrassive. High pitched sounds annoy me.
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    I don't like it at all! It sounds like I'm hearing a muffled bell chime or something.
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    The new one sounds muffled cause the old one was so piercing and abrasive.
    If you think of the new one as a nice, soft bell chime, then it isn't as bad.

    Plus, I can stand to hear the new one over and over again. The old one gets tiring after the 2nd notification.
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    the sound is cool, but i hate how sometimes the sound will lag and break up, i dont like that. Makes the phone sound cheap.
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    im not a fan of it at ALL. why not just let us use custom tones? lol
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    I didn't think I would miss the old noise but I liked it better. I think it has more to do with the fact that I'd finally gotten used to it. Now I hear this one and it sounds to me, just like many people have described, like the speaker is muffled or broken.

    If this had been the sound from the very beginning, the opposite would probably be the case for (from what I gather) the majority of people. They would have all loved the quieter sound and would be freaking out at how loud and shrill the alternative is.

    Since I'd gotten used to the old one, I had never gone ahead and installed the Homebrew App to change the notification sound. Now that 1.1 changed it, I installed it and picked something that sounds much cooler than either of the two default sounds.
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    I like the new sound too. Much better than the old one.
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    Hated the new sound at first, but now I'm lovin it.
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    I don't like the new sounds at all.
    I installed a homebrew app last night just so I could get my old sounds's all good now...
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