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    Before 1.1, m email notifications were very solid and always worked correctly. Now with 1.1, I seem to be getting notified way later and the actual notification bar seems a bit glitchy.

    Anyone else having these issues?
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    I seem to no longer have the notifcations in the bottom left any more that would show who the email was from. I am also missing the option for notifications under my email preferences
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    Can you define "glitchy" / "wonky"?

    I have noticed that notifications will occassionally pop up, then sometimes disappear, only to reappear in a few mins (when another type of notification comes in... like a text... tho haven't paid close enough attention to say for sure that this is the only time it reappears). I chalked it up to spotty coverage. I can't honestly remember if it happened before I updated to 1.1...
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    My email notifications were a bit glitchy before 1.1. I haven't seen any change since 1.1.

    I have two email accounts set up, a Yahoo one and my work one. As this is my personal phone not paid for by my company, I'd prefer work notices to NOT pop up and to access that account at my convenience. Despite the notification setting for that email account being turned off, I still get new email notifications and calendar appointments.

    At least Yahoo email, text messages and missed calls seem to work fine though.

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