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    Not gonna lie, I type faster on my pre than I did on my touch pro.... Especially if you factor in the lag the TP had....

    Does anyone type FASTER on their pre than there previous device?
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    I'm about to get the Pre. Now that the dust has settled and people have had the time to get comfy with the keyboard - I'd like to know what everyone thinks of it..
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    I came from the Motorola Krave ZN4. That thing had a horrible onscreen keyboard. The calibration was always terrible and it was just a general pain to type on. I am, without a doubt, faster on my Pre than I was on any previous phone. It takes a day or two to get used to, but once you get used to it, it's awesome.
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    I'm as fast on my Pre now as I was my Blackberry. And the Goat will go ahead and give hiimself props because he was super fast on the Blackberry. I also really love the dedicated period key that my Blackberry did not have.

    A bit unrelated though: I sure miss my spell check.
    -Goatin' Ain't Easy-
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    I am coming from the samsung instinct, and I type perfectly fine on this thing. Look at this guy typing on the pre here after three weeks

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    I'll never become a fast typer on this. The keyboard is just too cramped. Still nice to have though.
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    Coming from Centro, so its really almost identical. I just WISH they would have done the keyboard in landscape, but oh well. Im able to manage fairly well on it, but again, its what I have been used to from my Centro
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    I type much faster on the Pre than I did on my Instinct, even though I have big thumbs.
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    I'm a little slower on my Pre than I was on my iPhone but it's not bad. I like the keyboard, it's a lot different to type on actual buttons.
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    I did horrible once I got my instinct... i was used to a regular keypad and i could text without even looking with ease... instinct sucked... Pre is definitely a lot better...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DuStU View Post
    I am coming from the samsung instinct, and I type perfectly fine on this thing. Look at this guy typing on the pre here after three weeks

    Oh my God... listening to that guy type drives me nuts. The noise the buttons make makes me want to rip out my hair.
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    i came from a SK LX, i must say, my typing is significantly slower on the pre.
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    The keyboard takes some time to get used to. Its not the best one I have ever used but far from worst and I like it over a virtual one anyday. What it lacka is software for proper / well implemented spell check / word suggest.
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    i love the keyboard for typing and not looking!

    It is awesome, I know exactly where the keys are, very few mistakes

    The BB key board was spaced perfect but I couldnt type without looking very good...
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    I type faster on a Pre than I do with a blackberry. I don't see feel the amazingness of blackberry keyboards, but thats because of my typing style. While many, if not most people type with their thumbs' skin, I type with their nails. Not that I have long nails or anything, but I prefer typing with my nails because of the superior precision, I know for sure what I'm hitting. I have chubby fingers also, so typing with my nails works out better. The thing I actually love about the Pre/Centro's keys is that because they are kinda gelatinous and have a rubbery texure, typing with your nails is really easy, as the nail has a nice grice. Hard keys make your nails slip off. The Pre's keyboard is quite preferable to me, and actually the only keyboard I prefer that I've used is the Sidekick's, which I've long believed to be the best phone keyboard in existance.

    Also, one boon I love about the portrait keyboard: I can type with one hand. I tend to do most of my phone activity with one hand, so having a portrait keyboard makes it easy to type with one hand. It'd be extremely annoying if it were landspace.
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    i type faster on my pre than i did on my blackberry storm, that thing was hard with the click for sure, i never got used to it. the pre is a lil cramped, but im used to it
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    If I typed lengthy missives daily, I would want a larger keyboard.

    It's a small phone. I like that. It's a small keyboard too. I have accepted that fact, and have become acclimated to it.

    I do wish, when screen brightness is turned all the way down (could be even dimmer) the keyboard was brighter.

    Typed on my Pre, in the dark, standing behind my truck.
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    This is my first phone with a keyboard. Before purchasing I tried it at the store and I was very skeptical about typing on the pre due to my big fingers n thumbs. But I have grown accustomed to it. It is not as bad after you've had a bit of practice. Sometime, I still hit two keys instead of one but overall I like the feel and response of it.
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    That's crazy how fast that guy was typing on the PRE. Do you guys type that fast?? I'm mainly worried about repetitive stress injury from having to use force to press the keys.. I like the lightness of the virtual keyboard on the iPhone but I don't like how it takes up half the screen!
    Rishi O.
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    I'm coming from a Touch Pro too so the Pre feels cramped to me. I still am able to type much faster than I could ever on the iPhone but I'm used to using smartphone keyboards and don't really mind it for making emails and such.
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