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    I had shutter sound shut off since I got the phone and then with the new OS update its clicking and making noise and and I cant remember how to shut it off.

    Any suggestions????
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    Turn the ringer switch off.
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    Well thanks Sun. I thought maybe there might be a different way.
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    Pita, Try this;
    There's actually a bug with controlling the volume of the "swoosh" close card and the camera shutter sound (still exists in 1.0.3). Here's how to get around it:

    - In Sounds and Ringtones, set the System Sounds Volume to what you want the swoosh to be at (try maximum to start). You won't hear a change in swoosh/camera sound volume yet.

    - Soft Reset your Pre (Orange-Sym-R)

    - After the reboot, your swoosh and camera shutter will be at the volume you set. Now set your System Sounds Volume to whatever you want it to be for all other system sounds (i.e. alarms, SMS notification, etc.). The volume of Swoosh and camera shutter won't be affected by any changes in System Sounds Volume (unless you soft reset again! If you do, the swoosh/camera shutter sound will be set to whatever System Sounds Volume is set to when you reset-reboot).
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    That seemed to work!!

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    This must still be a bug in 1.1.0 too because I just updated to that OS and I noticed all of a sudden that the swoosh and camera shutter sounds were incredibly LOUD! I just did the soft reset fix mentioned above (putting slider around 30%) and the swoosh sound seems acceptable now, camera shutter still fairly loud.

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