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    Basically my question is whether or not to do homebrew apps. I realize it is not rooting the Pre or anything, but I have come to the point in my Palm life that I really want to keep things as native as possible. Back in my 755p i started using the native PIM apps instead of Agendus and the like, basically on the premise that I am running my phone on apps that have been "optimized" for my device. This is to minimize crashing and not affecti performance

    Same question here. Should I start using these apps also or not? give me a rundown of your experiences. Thank you.
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    I felt the same way, & so haven't rooted my Pre. However, installing apps has been quick, easy and trouble-free.
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    I have had no problem no what so ever with the homebrew apps. They do no harm at all. Now if you root your pre and put in the wrong code, then your ****ed.
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    I'm all about homebrew. Never even crossed my mind until 2 weeks ago. Glad I did. It's amazing what people can do.
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    I left the homebrew/custom rom scene when i left Windows Mobile behind.
    I'm also at a point in my life where i'm leaving my phone as stock as possible. Maybe i'm just still expecting it to slow down and crash like Winmo did so frequently
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    Homebrewing on the Pre is nothing like homebrewing on WinMo or Apple. There is no risk of damaging the phone as the rooting code has been implemented by the development team themselves. Basically, the upupdowndown... code puts your phone in a mode where you are able to test applications you've created prior to introducing it to the public. You are not modifying essential codes like on other OSes and risking bricking your phone. If you listen to PreCentral's last podcast, you'll hear what I'm talking about as one of the guys say that it shouldn't even be called rooting as the code is embedded into the OS already.

    All in all, I was skeptical on the beginning but the lack of apps pushed me to give it a try. Since then, I am loving my Pre even more and have had no negative experience with homebrewed apps. In fact, there are some really cool ones out there that might interest you, such as tethering, UPS/USPS/FedEx package tracking, tip calculators, games, etc. Check out PreCentral's homebrew forums.
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    Give em a try. Just think of them as beta apps or demo apps with full content. Can't go wrong with free and easy to delete if you don't like them.
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    The homebrew apps that are out now are excellent!
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    I also waited for awhile. I started homebrewing yesterday and I love it.
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    This thread inspired me, and i hadnt previously realized that there was

    1. apps available to install without rooting

    2. an application that makes it really simple to install from my PC.

    So i installed PrePackage a moment ago and it looks great!
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    I applied just about every pre hack (via root) and installed numerous homebrew apps with absolutely no problems. In fact, after these mods, my Pre feels so much more useful I wouldn't even dare think about going back to stock configuration....
    Go for it!
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    After installing WebOS 1.1.0, I worry less about homebrewing and more about Palm's updates.

    I have about 5-6 homebrew apps on one of my two Pre's (my wife and I each have one, I have the homebrew apps). No issues.

    Updating to 1.1? My Pre was fine, but my wife's bricked - and her phone was a completely stock 1.0.4 OS. I had to use the WebOS doctor to fix it, and that took three tries. Then restore her other things (ringtones, etc).
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    i was no way in hell going to root, and paused at homebrew. now i have 15+ apps from our developers.
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    Go for the homebrew. It's easy and I had no trouble with it. I cannot say the same thing about rooting though.
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    I want to install some but don't want to root. I'm thinking of going the Prebrew route and will probably try it soon. Has anyone had any issues with Prebrew?
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    I thought the tethering was only for rooted pre's. So there's a homebrew app for that now too? That may very well push me to the bandwagon. Can anyone confirm?
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    Sorry if I'm hijacking. But what is " Beta?" I see that term with the homebrew apps and I wonder if it messes up the phone.
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    "Beta" just basically means that the app or service is in development, it's not done yet, the developers might be interested in feedback/bug reports, and don't expect it to be perfect. If you've ever used Google's Gmail service, you've used something that seems to be in eternal beta Just because the developer calls it a beta, that doesn't necessarily mean it's inferior quality.

    Also, by calling homebrews "betas" and users "testers", it kinda gets around the Pre's TOS that doesn't allow for distribution of apps outside of their (closed) App Store... but it allows for testing
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    I thought the tethering was only for rooted pre's. So there's a homebrew app for that now too? That may very well push me to the bandwagon. Can anyone confirm?
    I also thought that the tethering app was for rooted pres. To the OP: I started downloading the homebrew apps to my pre today and I am HOOKED!

    And I am as non-techie as they come -- I teach English, need I say more? It's amazing what this community offers. Try it -- you'll see, it is easy and FUN
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