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    Well I've used Prebrew without issues. Happy with it so far and it's very easy.
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    i've read thru the homebrew apps section (closely at the tether app) and its still a little too busy for my brain to handle right now...
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    Now with the addition of fileCoaster, you can install apps over the air... it makes homebrew apps even easier!
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    I came from a 755p which took me months of playing around with to figure out how to avoid conflicts/crashes, so I know where your coming from. No problems whatsoever with my rooted pre, do it already!
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    I always held my breath when I installed even paid apps for the Treos. I always backed-up everything first. Well I still suggest that and it is included in the Tips and Tricks:

    But so far (knock on wood), I cannot tell you of a problem with the Pre Homebrewers. Of the nearly 70 great titles so far, I have installed probably 60 and still have 33 installed.

    PreCentral's steps have a lot of explanation and easy to follow:

    A Simple How-to Guide for getting homebrew apps onto your Pre

    Read them through and see what you think.

    Also check out Homebrew Apps - Check All That You Like So Far.

    Some of my favorite Homebrew Apps are not in Homebrew. See this list.

    - Craig
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