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    it freezes my phone every time....why is that happening? anyone encounter this problem?

    thanks in advance...
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    My experience with the PDF viewer hasn't been very good either... No solutions here, unfortunately.
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    How big are these PDFs? The biggest I've opened so far is about 4mb. It did it fine but If I had to jump to a specific page it took a few seconds. I can imagine really big PDFs will take a while to process.
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    just like on your computer, it somewhat freezes everything if its a big file until the PDF fully loads. I have had no issues with my pre loading PDF's, its pretty quick.
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    I've got a 280 page pdf file that works fine...
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    I tried viewing PDFs on my Pre last night for the first time, and every time I tried to exit the PDF, either by the back gesture or just trying to swipe up the card, the Pre crashes and reboots. The largest PDF is under 3MB and each is only a page or two long.

    Most (if not all) of the PDFs were saved by printing from my browser and sending it to Acrobat.
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    I'v had no problems opening PDF files as large as 60MB. My only complaint with the viewer is the control and menu bars cover up the words. I wish they would retract somehow to use the Pre's entire screen for actual PDF real estate instead of sitting on top of the PDF
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    I am not sure if it is a size issue or a compatibility issue (Acrobat 9, 8, 7 etc formats) I too have issues with certain PDF's so hopefully Documents to go or anything which has better PDF support will be out soon.

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