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    One of my biggest complaints with the Pre is that Palm dropped what I considered to be a powerful notepad function, and replaced it with a toy - the post it notes type memopad they have on the Pre. The Memopad on my Treo 755p seemed like a direct descendant from the Palm VII or before, and is a repository of all my data - ie: airline frequent flyer numbers, ID and Logins, notes on various issues, etc. One of the reasons I use a smartfone at all. I probably have greater than 100 notes, and find it VERY useful to have a list of notes. What is the best app to replace this function on the Pre, that syncs to the Pre backup or to ones computer, via USB drive or MissingSync or others. MissingSync dropped their MemoPad on the Mac side too, and that is doubly frustrating.
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    I absolutely agree with you that the Pre memo app is a big step down from the Treo one. I had over 100 memos on my 755, organized in about 10 categories.

    I'm currently using evernote, and it shows promise of being BETTER than the old PalmOS app. Rather than categories, it has tags, so you can do very powerful searching - a note can have multiple tags vs. Only one cayegories.

    For all its promise, the current version has a huge Achilles heel - no local caching. So if you don'thave a network connection, you can't see your notes. More mature clients on other platforms apparently do support a local cache, so hopefully that'll come soon for the Pre.
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    Since you can do a search within the Pre memo application, you can always put the "category" of the memo at the first (or last) word in the memo and then just search for your categories. Still not a clean or perfect solution, but it works to categorize your memos and still leave them local
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    Just keep in mind that memos are not backed up to your Palm Profile so if you ever have to do a restore, they will be lost.

    I personally use both Evernote and the Memos app. I use a small number of Memos as a "scratch" area or for stuff I'm working on currently. I use Evernote for stuff thats not modified frequently or that I want to edit using both the Pre and other computers.
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    I couldn't agree more.. the memopad on the Pre is just not up to the task. Palm really needs to enhance this application to bring it up to par with the "Memos" app we've had for so long on the Treo models.

    That and we need the ability to do a "Universal Search" like on the Treo. ie- search EVERYTHING on the device... within emails, calendar, text msgs, contact notes, memos, etc.

    I can't do without these two. It's one of the primary reasons I've been using the Treo line for so long...

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    I had not yet discovered that the Memo app on the Pre was not backed up in ones profile. Besides not finding the app up to the task from an interface standpoint, the fact it is not backed up to ones profile makes it entirely worthless for the purpose of storing one's life data. Would be interesting to hear why Palm would drop a legacy app that was so useful. Evernote sounds interesting, however would much prefer keeping this data local between my Mac and Pre, as there is sensitive info. MissingSync had a nice local MemoPad that would sync with the Treo - use the NotePad/MemoPad on the Mac several times daily. Probably referenced the same on the Treo at least once a day. When one needs their airline FF account number at the airline desk, going online to get it probably presents too long a delay for comfort. Hopefully Palm and/or Markspace (MIssingSync) shall come up with a solution to add this capability back to the device, along with back up/sync.

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