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    I think the Pre's hardware performance is pretty damn good so i was kind of shocked cnet mentioned performance issues . I have no doubt there are people that probably think its slow or slower than it should be but not me.

    I never bothered to read cnet's before launch but I was on gizmodo and saw they posted a link to a new cnet round up of some of their favorite Smartphones with Wi-Fi, i was bored and clicked the link and was kind of shocked they mentioned performance issues with the Pre.

    I can't say i've really seen any lag, atleast not so much to call it an issue. So what do you think. Are you happy with the performance of the Pre?

    Heres the link if ya want it.

    Smartphones with Wi-Fi - CNET Reviews
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    compared to owning a razr2 and a touch pro on att, I'm having the best experience with the Pre on Sprint.
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    The hardware is plenty fast; it's the software that could use improvement. Still, it's not too bad overall, there's just a few places where it lags considerably.
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    If you're running multiple apps that will tax the hardware, then of course it's gonna lag. It's not like the Pre is a PC.

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