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    The Pre is Chinatown revisited.

    Pre Sales May Be Slowing. Yes? Nooooooooo!

    Now this is just getting silly.

    Pali Research says sales of the Palm Pre are slowing. RBC’s Mike Abramsky says they aren’t and claims 325,000 to 375,000 have been sold to date, ahead of his expectations.

    Citing some decidedly unscientific poll data, Jesup and Lamont analyst Kevin Dede suggests the device is plagued by build-quality issues and a high exchange/return rate, potentially 40 percent. Abramsky says it’s between two and three percent and calls BS on the build-quality issue.

    “Most buyers appear delighted with their new Pre user experience,” Abramsky said in a research note Friday. “Pre satisfaction appears higher than legacy Palm devices (e.g., Treo), affirming improved execution from the ‘New’ Palm, including engineering, manufacturing, quality and process improvements.”

    So, Pre sales are slowing. Or, they’re not.

    And exchange/return rates are high.

    Unless they’re not.

    And these analysts are on point.

    Unless, of course, they’re not. Too bad it’s impossible to tell without official numbers from Palm (PALM) or Sprint (S).

    Analysts Disagree Widely on Palm Pre Sales, Returns and Exchanges | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD
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    Unless they are still having a problem meeting demand I bet sales are higher that 375k

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