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    what the frack?

    this is a big problem for me...
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    plug in a pair of headphones, start the music player or just dial *2, then unplug them.

    there's a problem where the phone thinks that the headphones are plugged in so your earpiece will not work
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    Throw the phone on the ground, that frakkin worked for me.
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    I had the exact problem yesterday and plugging in and unplugging the headphones wouldn't work. Also you can't hear Pandora, YouTube, etc because they wont play through the speaker.

    Took it to Sprint and they gave me a new Pre. If they can't fix it, it is covered by manufacturers warranty.
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    It also happened to me yesterday after using my headset for a while listening to Pandora. I figured it was tricked into thinking the headset was still plugged in the phone...After about 10 minutes of trying other things, I just did a reset & everything was fine.

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    still no luck for me
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    They replaced my phone for the same thing recently but it happened again and I fixed it myself. Its a bug from Pandora. Here's how i fixed it:

    I plugged the headset in, played music in Pandora, then paused the music, unplugged the headset and it worked. Sometimes you have to do it a couple of times, but it always works. Just spend ten minutes and try different combination's of that. IE: Start the music first, then plug it in. Just try different variations and it will definitely work.
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    As a sprint in-store technician, I have seen quite a lot of these. Just blow it out using a few short, strong blasts of compressed air. I am thinking you must use an air compressor instead of canned air, as they have to be pretty powerful bursts. My compressor is set to about 120 psi and it does the trick every time. The problem is that the phone thinks there is a headset plugged in when there is not. If this doesn't fix your problem, you probably need an exchange.

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