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    Sorry, one more thing. Right before we got my wife her Pre she just got a new centro because hers was broken. I didn't know but I guess the sprint people backed up her contacts when they did the swap. i then synced it with Palm desktop when she brought it home. At this point she had a lot of double entries. Of course she didn't tell me about the Sprint deal until I had already restored her new Centro. Anyways, when we got the Pre I used the DTA to send her stuff to her Pre profile. Now she has triple entries. I want to set her up with a Gmail and import all of her contacts there and use that as her default contacts app.

    Is there anyway to delete all of her current contacts and associations easily? I'd like to delete it all, import her info with the DTA into Google, and then syn it to her Pre. Is that possible and what would be the easiest way to do it?
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    Thanks Hparsons. I understand now that its a google thing. I tried getting the photos from outlook but it seems that they are stored in the .pst file so you can't retrieve them. Oh well.

    I noticed that the 1.4 update didn't add categories to events.... what a bummer. This realy is a pain for me. Must be hard to program it in 3rd party wise due to no patches yet.
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    I also was victim to triple and quadruple entrees, especially in the calendar.

    Easiest fix is to play with your profile. I think the solution involved changing the palm profile, sync the entrees via google or something (dta is crap, don't use it).
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    DateBk is the best calendar App going. Palm need to take note of that and build something similar. Icons, colors, templates, alarms.. I really hope DateBk can someday build one for Palm Pre!!
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    I agree pmcradle. Thats my biggest wish for the Pre. Now that I've gotten use to google calendar though it will have to integrate seemelessly with that.
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    why would any company invest money making a PIM replacement for webOS when it doesn't have easy access to the PIM functions? Isn't agenda using a loophole to access the calendar? If I was a major company I wouldn't waste time developing for webOS if the loophole that allows me access could be closed at any time. Or am I wrong in this assumption? I'd love to see Agendus make it to webOS. Can't believe I give up a phone that has it and get to see iphone people use it now...grrr.
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    calendar is faster in 1.4. Still with so many limited options the calendar is useless. It's main function is as a viewer. No visible days of the week when changing existing events is killing me. Just check at least they fixed the issue with select all in calendar notes section.
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