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    Hello everyone first time palm owner and first thread posting.

    Im trying to connect to the secured wifi network at the company i work for, i entered the password and was able to connect once successfully but ever since then everytime i have attempted to connect to it again i get an error reading "ip configuration failed"

    Even when i tell my pre to "forget device" and try re-entering the password i hit the same error.

    My IT manager says the router is working fine and others can connect to it.

    How come i cant?

    Anyone else have this problem and know a solution?
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    Do you know what type of authentication the router is using?
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    Why not just hard code the address?
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    I think you also need to make sure you aren't already using a static IP.

    Go to the wifi, and wifi preferences.

    Click on the proper router.

    Is automatic IP settings on? (Should be).

    Next, what are the IP settings shown (it is probably a private IP scheme so there really isn't any harm in sharing (if it starts like 192.168. or 10.)

    What are the various settings?

    Do you have a laptop you can connect to the router also? We could use this to compare settings.

    Someone suggested hard coding the numbers. Technically, you could. It is possible you would hit the time where you overlap with an IP that someone was actually assigned from the router.

    Is the IT Manager friendly to you? Is he someone who would WANT to help you? It should be something geeky enough to play with (the pre) that he would want to see how it connects. I am only saying it because I am. I was interested in seeing how the iPhone could connect when my users started bringing them through.

    Let us know how it goes.

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