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    My work uses LEAP profiles for their wifi and I've seen users with iPhones able to connect. Googling around finds the steps to get an iPhone onto a LEAP, but there are not comparable options on the Pre. A couple people in this thread claim they were able to do it, but conveniently neglected to explain how. Can anyone explain how, if possible, this is done? Thanks.
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    Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?
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    We have a LEAP network in the district I am in. If I had the password for the secure access I could access it with no problem. If you have that information when you go to the WiFi preferences you click on connect and under security you select either the Enterprise.
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    When I go into the Join Network dialog, I enter the Network Name (obtained from our company laptops profile) and select Enterprise for security, bringing up two lines to enter ID and PW. Whether I use the form of "USERID" and "PASSWORD" or "DOMAIN\USERID" and PASSWORD, it won't connect. Searching the <gasp> Apple boards and people are hit-and-miss with their success, but it sounds like they have more options to configure things. Hmmm.
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    Judging from the stampede of activity in this thread*, no one must have LEAP networks to connect to or the darn Pre just can't do it. iPhone wins. Boo. How lame.

    * Everyone is too busy making more "ZOMG! Teh batterie lif is realz bad!!1!!" threads.

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