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    A common complaint about the Palm Pre is the short battery life. The Pre is so thin and small, there just isnít room for a battery bigger than the little one Palm included. The folks at accessory maker Seidio understand this, so they have produced an extended battery for the Pre that is thicker than the original. The additional thickness is needed to provide a whopping 2600 mAh, more than double the 1150 mAh of the original Palm battery.

    The larger battery from Seidio means a new back for the Pre is necessary, to provide the additional thickness. If the longer battery life is worth more to you than the extra bulk, the Seidio Pre Innocell 2600 will set you back $64.95, available July 31. The new Pre back that Seidio provides with the extended battery is not compatible with the Touchstone charger.

    This forum will not let me post links yet, seidioonline dot com
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    There are already a ton of threads about this battery
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    Search... Or even just look on the main news page.
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    Not compatible with the touchstone...then forget it I'll take my chances with the shorter battery life...end of line
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    I'm definitely gonna buy that extended battery when it comes out. I'll need it for those long shifts at work. I am kinda curious how the Pre will feel with the bulkier back on it...
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    No Touchstone = FAIL
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    Err, I dont use a touchstone.

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