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    Tech Rumor of the Day: Palm's Pre Hasn't Flopped | Technology | Financial Articles & Investing News |

    Sprint (S Quote) has sold a healthy 350,000 Palm (PALM Quote) Pre phones in the seven weeks since its debut. The update comes from RBC analyst Mike Abramsky whose research team has been monitoring traffic at some two dozen Sprint stores. Not only does Abramsky find "sustained momentum" in Palm Pre sales, but also the return rate has been low, running between 2% and 3%, he noted in a research report Friday.

    If true, this would put the Pre in the ranks of Research In Motion's (RIMM Quote) hot Tour phone debut at Verizon (VZ Quote), and help calm concerns that Pre sales had dropped off.

    It could also revive hopes that Palm's up-from-the-ashes recovery hasn't fizzled yet. Palm's Pre and particularly the new WebOS mobile phone software system aren't only the key to Palm's turnaround, but it is also sweet takeover bait.
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    Irony here is Crammer's name all over that page.

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