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    Anyone watch Burn notice or Royal pains last night? Within the 2 hour span there must have been 10 Pre commercials. Even have some sort of Pre interactive Burn Notice web game. They sponsored the shows but what is funny to me is that they were Palm commercials not much mention of Sprint. Me thinks Palm is getting ready for the end of exclusivity. By the way Burn Notice is a kick *** show, i think the two sponsers are Palm ans Sig Sauer cause Michael loves his German guns.
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    I havent seen just PALM commercials.. what do they show?
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    It seems pretty fitting since you can watch some USA shows for free on Sprint TV.
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    I also went to see Harry Potter last Sat and there was a Pre commercial in the previews! I thought that was really cool. I have also been seeing a lot of Pre ads lately!
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    awesome. LONG LIVE PRE
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    Yikes! First Jimmy Fallon and now the USA network. Where will the Pre show up next? Reruns of Mr. Belvedere? The Hee Haw Reunion Show?

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