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    Hi guys,

    I just updated my Pre at 11:30am EST today and found that the update was "approximately 92MB".

    I noticed people were saying that it was 87MB yesterday.

    Could this mean they have changed some of the files in the update?

    EDIT***I was updating from 1.0.3.
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    I just updated mine and noticed it was 92MB also.
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    ruh roh. That's not good having multiple version of the same version number.
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    Probably the updates for some apps that got updated after the release of 1.1 like the where app
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    i just downloaded mine and it was 87mb
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    Hmm...interesting. Nice find, thanks.
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    the plot thickens
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    for you guys that got the 92mb download were you upgrading from 1.0.4 or an earlier version?

    I did my update from 1.0.4 around 8:30AM ET today and it was 87mb.
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    I was updating from 1.0.3.

    That might be the culprit.
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    Ahh...sweet...mystery solved
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    I was updating from 1.0.4 after a hard reset.
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    If you were updating from 1.04 then you will have had a larger update with the 1.1

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