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    ok i have seen some posts about it here and there but lets break it down here.

    did the update help any linking with lotus notes?
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    IBM/Lotus said they would start using Active-sync as their method for direct-push e-mail, but I don't know when that's coming out. There's a company called CommonTime that also uses Active-sync and does connect with Lotus Notes. The product is called: mSuite. That is available now, and will work with the Pre (They say it's still in Beta, but there is no Pre app/client to install as it uses Active-sync).
    Why can't the mobile device manufactures get that most want a touch screen and a front face QWERTY?
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    Yes...Using IMAP w/ WebOS 1.1 correctly retrieves your folder list.

    Too late to repeat the same stuff. Search for my posts and "lotus" and you should be good.
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