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    just wanted to see if anyone knows anything.

    Had it on my Blackberry Storm and it's a great feature this phone with WebOS should have.
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    Here's the dope:
    Visual Voicemail takes network and hardware investments to support. Y'all may remember the growing pains we had launching VVM on the Instinct.
    If we're going to do it on the Pre, we'll want to have our stuff in a pile so as to avoid any failures, issues, or growing pains when it rolls out. That means getting correctly sized servers and switches in place from our VVM vendor to support the Pre.
    That'll take a bit of time. And money.
    Another option that I personally am pursuing is to partner with 3 to 5 VVM providers and work a deal to have cost-free call forwarding and an on-phone app to manage your VVM from the VVM provider of your choice. Can't say if we'll ever get any traction on that, but I'm running it up the flagpole.
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