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    Anyone else having battery issues after the update? My battery has been improving since day 1, and I get through my day no problem. I updated to 1.1 last night, then set it on the touchstone for sleepy time. It was fully charged this morning, but after reading emails for about 15 minutes, I was down to 90% (normally this would take me to 95-98%). I did a reset figuring that would help. Then an hour and a half later, after not even waking the phone, I was down to 82%. I put the phone on USB charge at my desk, walked away for 20 minutes, and the battery dropped to 80% while on charge. No cards open, no apps have run since the reset...

    Anyone else having issues? I'm sure it's a setting somewhere causing this, but not sure where to look. Any help or suggestions are welcome.
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    How would it drop when its charging??
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    As far as I can tell mine is same as before the update. No problems.
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    when I first got my Pre, this happened one time, but have not had this issue since the first update.
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    ya I noticed that my phone's battery is getting its *** kicked today, a lot more than it ever has before this 1.1 update....we shall see though, I need more time to really decide, but so far it is crazy how much battery is going out
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    My battery seems to be lasting at least as long as it did before the update. I doubt that the update had any impact on performance.
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    I took mine off the Touchstone and noticed it down to 83% after 15 minutes of surfing and such. I didn't verify that I hadn't knocked it slightly off the Touchstone and didn't verify the full charge. I'll cooking it up to 100% then will see how it goes.
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    ... the battery gods are angry

    But seriously, other than taking 35% of my battery to get 1.1, I haven't noticed a change.

    If Palm had figured out a way to extend battery life, I dont think it would be one of those hidden features. They would have shouted it to the mountain tops.

    If I ever stop making it through the day on one charge, then I will get antsy.

    As to the OP concern, I say wait a couple of days and see if your issue corrects itself. No point in making a mountain from a mole hill without proving that today isn't a fluke.
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    After updating last night, I plugged the phone in and let charge overnight. When I went to use it this morning for the first time I was already down to 70%. As of right now I am now at 47%. I have only browsed 3 or 4 websites today. What's going on here? It has never done this before.
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    I've noticed same thing... took off charger this morning at 7am and was down 10% in an hour with virtually no usage.
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    My battery seems to be suffering as well. Took it off the charger at 9:45 this morning, at 100%. When I got to my car 5 minutes later and went to turn on bluetooth, it was already at 98%!

    I had used bluetooth to make a call that lasted approximately 10 minutes, and havent used the phone since, its just been sitting on my desk, It is now an hour and a half since I undocked it, and it's down to 90%. Thats roughly 6.66% per hour. Maybe I'm imagining things.

    However, Im sure a lot of you have noticed that the UI feels "snappier" and slightly faster overall. What are the chances they they clocked the processor higher with this update? That would def affect battery life.

    Finally, I noticed that under the voice network settings, the update set the default back to any carrier, so I changed it back to sprint only. This was something that had improved my battery life significantly in the past.

    Sorry for the long post, hope this helps?
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    I noticed all my gps settings were turned back on after update so if that happened to everyone then that can cause battery drain.
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    Definitely a difference after the 1.1 install. Never had what I considered a battery drain issue but something isn't quite right. I just unplugged my Pre from the charger and after about 5 minutes, with no use, down 2% (it clearly was at 100% when I unplugged from charger). Wow....just checked again after writing those 3 sentences and I'm at 97% now, grrrrrrr. The only thing I keep running is the bluetooth (same as before), location services off unless they are needed, email check times are the same....mystery....hopefully it will improve and get back to what it was.
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    My battery also seems to be draining more quickly after the update last night. At 4hours since took off the USB charger and down to 61%. Now I did install an Exchange email (finally PIN security on 1.1 - thank you Palm!!) and it is set to truly push email so that probably is a big factor.

    Anyway, we'll see how it goes. I plan to downgrade the push email on this Exchange account over the weekend (not working) and see whether battery life improves which would explain things.
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    I see a battery difference. I took my phone of the charger at 3:15 AM and now 8 hours later with no use I am down to 96%. Before I would lose about a percent an hour in sleep mode.
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    Heres a thooght.

    Everyone talks about "battery conditioning", and claims that the battery life improves with use. This is true, but I dont think its because the battery itself. The battery can only build up so much charge, theres no way for it to hold more juice because its been cycled a few times.

    The difference comes from the fact that the way your phone monitors the battery gets more accurate. At first, battery life sucks because its calibrated very conservatively, to make sure the phone doesnt die prematurely, so it will show that you have less battery life that you really do.

    Over time, the calibration drifts and allows you to use more life in your battery, until you hit the wall where the phone discharges completely and the battery monitor is higher than 0%. At that point, the cal software says, ok, crank it back a notch, and thats when you have your 100% accurate battery monitoring. It's possible that with the update, they reset the battery calibration to the levels it was at at manufacture, which means that it will again improve with time.

    Hopefully this isnt just wishful thinking...
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    Quote Originally Posted by aspbsecs View Post
    I see a battery difference. I took my phone of the charger at 3:15 AM and now 8 hours later with no use I am down to 96%. Before I would lose about a percent an hour in sleep mode.
    I assume you had the phone in airplane mode? 8% in 8 hours? Thats very very good, amtter of fact im not even sure I believe you to be honest, haha :P
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    Mine's defintely taking a pretty severe hit this morning too. I took it off the charger @ 8:30 this's now 11:45 and I'm already down to 33%. Only did a minimal amout of web surfing earlier and have ben texting, but that's about it. nothing out of the ordinary for me. But definitley losing more battery than normal. I'd probably usually be down to about 65-70% now, not 33%.
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    Took off charger at 8:15 am. Some texts here and there, couple of web sites, etc.

    Now it's 11:43 am and at 88%. Seems normal so far.
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    So I wound up taking the phone off charge since it was still dropping while on USB charger(???). I rebooted the phone, and plugged it in to the wall and was able to get it back to 100% in about 30 minutes. After that I used it for less than ten minutes to check and see if any settings were different (which they were not) and it dropped to 92%.

    I'm going to run it down to empty the next day or two and charge it back full and see if it is just a calibration issue. It does seem to be acting like it did on 6/6 so I hope this theory is correct.
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