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    Is it just my Pre that is a little slow and un-responsive after the new update?

    Any suggestions?
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    Mine is running GREAT after the update!!! Better than EVER!!! Sucks for you man!
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    Seems to be coming around now.
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    Mine is feeling faster doing just about everything.
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    Mine is absolutely faster, especially calendar. My battery life seemed to plummet after the update last night though. Hopefully that won't continue.
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    My device seems faster than ever after updating. Like, beyond fast. I can really notice it. I'm happy about that.

    Also my battery life seemed to improve as well. During my hour commute my phone stayed at 100% on standby... Hmmm.
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    Mine is faster, smoother transitions btwn screens and apps.
    Also, to those have battery life problems after the update..
    Palm has a bug with all there updates.
    The update process drains the battery alot. Once your recharge it after the update it should be back to normal
    (not that normal was very good)
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    Mine is much quicker, and my battery life is much improved. Went from an 8-10%/hour discharge rate to 4.5%/hour so far.
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