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    I went to the sprint store where I purchased my phone and the associate tried to pawn it off on my phone or homeowners insurance. I have 3 yellow spots one on top left 1/4 inch to the right and one directly down from that with a faint yellow tint running betwwen them. One more spot in the bottom right 1/4 inch left. They only appear when the phone is in the heat or charging. Which also means my battery gets hot as heck when charging and using at the same time.... Also have an "oreo" slider and one dead led. I'm struggling....

    Any suggestions?
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    I will post pictures tonight. Doubt I can get one of a dead led or hot battery. But oreo slider and yellow "hot spots" are doable
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    Are you past your 30 days with the phone?
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    wah-o... Not when I went in originally but am now...

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