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    I've never used google contacts before my Pre. Now that I have the Pre, I started a gmail, but have no contacts what so ever. I have email addresses and everything on the Pre. My question is, how can I sync them over from my pre, to my gmail account and have google contacts?
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    When creating a contact you should be able to choose that it is a google contact.
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    I think his question has to do with how you move contacts you already have in the Pre under the Pre Profile over to Google.

    I used Companionlink to sync contacts from my old Palm Treo/Palm desktop to Google and then let the Pre sync with Google. Worked well. However, I wish there had been some documentation to suggest this before I had invested a bunch of time syncing with Palm Profile first with old contacts. I basically had to start over making Google the "goal" rather than the Pre.

    Is there a better or alternate way?
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    Yeah, thats kinda how I'm looking at it. Make google the "goal" so that the pre can sync with that.

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