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    Sigh. The new tone is not as harsh but it sounds like one of devs took some freeware and ran the muffle filter over the original tone.
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    I think both are the same, but the quality and clarity of the sound has been greatly diminished with the new sound file. I was hoping that we would have had the option to pick and choose tones and alert sounds, but I guess that will be in a later update (or add-on application).
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    Can someone attach it? I changed my sound so I have not heard the new one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    Can someone attach it? I changed my sound so I have not heard the new one...
    with my notfication, just reset defaults and then do something and then change it back.
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    I use about 3 seconds of the riff from the start of Three Days Grace song "Just Like You". It works fantastically.
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    I seriously want to get a BB Tour just because they took the time to include something like this in an update, yet made it worst..
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    I didn't even realize they changed the tone (I use custom tones via homebrew apps). Changed the tones back to default to test out the sound and...immediately changed it back. Horrible IMO.
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    With the new notification sound I honestly thought that my speaker had been blown out.
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    The new sound is okay, but dull.
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    Has anyone noticed that sound overall is "muffled" or "speaker blown" sounding since the update? I thought I had some intermittent problem, but I am now convinved that everything on my phone sounds terrible now (since the update). The tone is the first thing I noticed, but its everything.

    Either that, or my speaker or amplifier blew about the same time.

    It sounds like they are driving the signal into digital distortion prior to the final gain stage, so no volume is improved, but the highs are gone and distortion is crazy high.

    Anybody else notice this??
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    I prefer the new sound as well.
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    At first I missed the old tone, but now I am used to the new one. Either is okay with me.
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    Care to share? I need something to really get my attention! Thanks!
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    i prefer neither and use my notifications.
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    It's not loud at all, sounds like a chinese gong
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    Quote Originally Posted by THETRUTH View Post
    i prefer neither and use my notifications.
    Haha same here. I have Metal Gear Solid ringtone.
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    I changed my notification sound to my old Blackberry curve "Notification_greeter" sound and its been great
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    Quote Originally Posted by pomokey View Post
    the new tone sounds horrible to me. its muffled and electronic sounding. the old tone was nice and clear, and very happy.
    That's exactly how I would describe it. I wonder if they changed it on purpose or if they "broke" it during the last update.
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