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    Since I am often checking this site from my Pre, it would be nice to see this site formatted for the phone it is named after. Just a thought.
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    The regular version works just fine, especially in landscape mode. There is also a mobile version for sure what you're complaining about?
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    IT IS

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    I like the regular site better than the mobile one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    IT IS

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    What??? The standard site works awesome on the Pre!!!
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    Thanks everyone. I say close this thread and ignore my stupidity. Now we can go back to complaining about Web OS 1.1
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    Seems pretty Pre friendly to me.
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    It's a pain to try to respond to a thread from the Pre. I agree with the OP. Sorry.
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    I just checked the mobile version of this site and it is pretty lacking. Functional but I understand why Aridon likes the regular Pre site better. While this site does looks fine on the Pre, you have to zoom in and zoom out constantly to navigate. I guess that is my biggest complaint. I just never thought to check for the mobile site before but it is bookmarked so thanks for showing me the way.

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