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    I have 3 accounts setup on the email application. 1 Gmail, 1 IMAP (my own server) and 1 Exchange. I have all 3 set to "as items arrive".

    So my issue is this. When the email app is open and I bring it from cardview to the app with focus, the animation is quite choppy. Compared to something like the dialer or the messaging app. The kicker is that when it is open, it also makes other card animations slower as a result, I notice the choppiness with the messaging app, but ONLY when the email app is open. It also affects the speed of the new context menu animation.

    Closing the email app results in an immediate and noticeable boost through the entire OS.

    Am I the only person that experiences this?
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    No you are not the only one. The email app needs a lot of work atm.

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