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    Just upgraded to 1.1 and had a very annoying issue with call waiting and was wondering if anyone had the same problem.

    I received a second call, switched to it, then switched back to the first. While I was on the first the 2nd called hung up. When I finished with the first call i was stuck with the phone thinking I was on the phone with the other caller still. The hang up button would do nothing. I was able to close the phone app and then try to make other calls, but they would never ring and eventually say unable to make call. Eventually I had to reboot.

    Anyone else experience this?
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    Yes me too, I dread call waiting HELP
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    The call waiting does seem buggy for me too. I've tried several times to hang up on the current call when a new one comes in, using the normal bar, but then it kills everything and I'm left with no call.
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    This behavior also happened with the past Sprint Treo's and Centro. I heard it was to due with a network quirk rather than the phone
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    I've had that same issue. Turning the phone to airplane mode and back again seems to fix it. Hopefully that bug will be gone when 1.2 finally comes out...

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