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    This really bugs me. Has anyone tried changing an appointment date in the calendar app (not google) that is for example 3 weeks away. There is no way to view the month after a appt has been entered. I dont know anyone that knows every day of the week by memory. Does anyone notice this and think its a problem? The issue also occurs in tasks. I was hoping this would be fixed on the update but it wasn't.

    Hopefully this would be resolved soon. If not I will probably end up getting a different phone which I would hate to do since i like the pre. But the calendar/tasks apps not working correctly is a deal breaker. Probably go with the treo pro even though i hate winmo.
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    agreed, the monthly calender view needs a complete overhaul ASAP
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    The calendar is one of the worse I've ever used. Photos also needs a lot of work as does the email client.
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    seems like fixing the monthly view could be a simple fix. i wish palm would do something about it.

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