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    I can't believe I am starting this one as I usually just see these threads and think...calm down everyone. Another update will be here soon. But what I really want to know is what do you hope for in the next Palm update that they missed with this one. This one, by the way, was stellar and so easy to download but a couple items jump out at me right away.

    --Copy, cut and paste--Make it Apple simple PLEASE
    --Bring back ALL the emoticons in a simple drop down menu that we click
    --Even better battery life

    What else folks? We know Palm is reading so lets help make our Pre the pinnacle of smartphone ownership. (more so than it already is!)

    Thanks for this amazing update Palm!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by deanandbek View Post
    --Bring back ALL the emoticons in a simple drop down menu that we click

    Amen! I was super excited when I heard they added emoticons, but whats up with so few of them? Once its programmed in, its really straight forward. Just add the rest of 'em. Drop down menu with them would be cool too, but I'm not gonna complain too much if there isn't one. I realize that could take a at least 5 extra minutes of programming.
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    --Visual Voicemail
    --Voice Dialing/Commands
    --Change notification sounds
    --Text Forwarding
    --Video Recording and Editing
    --Picture Editing (zoom if possible too)
    --Decent Facebook App
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    Give me a minute trying to figure out what I just got.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PilgREm View Post
    Give me a minute trying to figure out what I just got.
    LoL. Great post
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    Copy & Paste (like the iphone)
    Save web photos
    Custom sound notifciations
    Video (like the iphone)

    If palm can give us what we want then that would be the complete iphone killer.
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    An option in the calendar application to set a fixed time zone specifically for the calendar so my appointments don't move from where I put them. See my earlier post on this topic here:
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    Video recorder
    Follow Me On

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    True copy/paste form anywhere like PalmOS
    TXT Forwarding
    Some sort of Emoticon helper, be it a drop menu or adding the :\ 8) to the SYM box
    Save pics/videos from anywhere ESPECIALLY web
    Video enabled in Camera app
    Add codecs, such as WMP audio, working Powerpoint files etc.

    Voice dialing would be nice, but I am not in a rush for that. Never worked right on the Storm/Iphone I tried

    JAVA/FLASH!! YAY! I REALLY miss that from my Treo Pro (only WinMO phone I have tried)

    Batt life improvements..even if they just make it the same as 1.03 without a less frequent data update (I know, would take some serious tweaking and R&D)

    That's all I can think of for now that I REALLY miss from previous Palm devices. If they add true universal copy/paste, txt forwarding, and saving pics/videos from anywhere, I would be happy for a little bit while they worked on the rest

    Seriously though, excellent job Palm, keep up the good work and don't get discouraged. The light should really be visible at the end of the tunnel for you all at this point. Take a step back, look at what you have accomplished, and continue to work even harder at being #1 again. You really are showing that Palm hunger to be #1 that has been lacking since the 650.
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    APP CATALOG out of BETA!! That is the most important thing imo....

    and oh yeah emotions in drop box too....
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    Fewer Apple fanboys crowding our forums after the update.
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    --- cut copy paste and forward in texting
    --- no limit on # of apps
    --- contact birthdays on calendar
    --- calendar info, appts on wake up unlock screen like on s2u2 on windows mobile
    --- video recording
    --- ability to sort videos by folder like pictures
    --- voice memo/ call recording
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    I am loving all the suggestions. Let's keep this going til the next update appears! Thank you Palm for a truly spectacular device! We are only here to help make you the most sought after phone out there!
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    Copy and paste everywhere
    Virtual keyboard (landscape would really set them off)

    And that's all I need, or really care about
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    visual voicemail
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    Make it an iPhone clone by having all the same features. *rolleyes*

    Seriously I think I'm just gonna stick to the homebrew forums. Too much qq'ing every where else.

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    voice/video recorder. Can't think of anything else at the moment.
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    i really want to be able to put contacts in my calendar events.
    Would love different clock themes
    lounder ring tones
    more ringer option, i hate all but 1.
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    Some basic stuff at least:

    • Seek bar in music player (like streaming player on web)
    • Open webpage in new window (without touching 5 buttons).
    • Connect person to appointment.
    • Speed up app loading.
    • Center button turns on screen in closed state.
    • Open PDF in web browser
    • Bluetooth file transfer
    • Copy/paste text from websites (duh)
    • Time remaining before alarm + snooze time option
    • Mass email delete
    • Save stuff from web (pictures)
    • Animated gifs
    • Turn off screen on touchstone - is there yay!?


    • MSN messenger and contacts
    • Video recording
    • App catalog no beta
    • General file browser
    • Google Street View
    • Voice recorder
    • Simple photo touch up features

    That's about all I can think of. AND I WANT IT NOW!!
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    Am I the only one who misses the "Send Contact/Business Card" option of Palm OS? It made giving out your number and info a breeze via bluetooth.
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