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    Can anyone check to see if LogMeIn works now with the latest update? Curious to see if its possible to control a computer remotely through LogMeIn through the Pre's browser.
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    I'll check in a bit, but I seriously doubt they would've made a change to the browser that would've fixed it. I heard awhile ago that the Pre (before release) originally worked on LMI, but LMI made some changes to their website that broke it. This could've been BS, but who knows. I would be super thrilled if I could get it going! Even if I could get VNC to work, I'd be happy with that.
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    Much appreciated. I know Vnc does work within the Classic emulator. i'd much prefer LMI as it's faster and more secure.
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    doesn't work for me. I log in, select the computer to connect to, and get a blank screen with a LOCK icon in the address bar.

    page stops loading at

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