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    Mine is so fast I laid it down and now it's gone-----HONEY CALL MY PHONE
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    launcher pages still laggy... not much difference otherwise.. camera does load faster.
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    Wish someone would make a benchmarking app so we can know for sure...

    Sunspider is getting stuck on the 3d morph
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    I agree that some things are running faster. In paticular I noticed my gmail is more responsive.
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    much smoother
    a lot less choppy
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    oh, the dial pad for unlocking the phone is terribly laggy now. the background actually shows for a bit before the pad does. it was always near-instant before
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    Web browser is much better. Scrolling and touching links are better! Double tap on things are better too. Alot went on the browser!
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    Camera and photos much faster, from what i noticed.
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    quicker so far

    now updating iTunes as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by drummer12 View Post
    My Pre is now definitely faster and snappier with 1.1. Opening apps, switching windows, etc. much snappier.

    Happy camper here
    I agree, this was a leap not a step!! Come on Palm how bout another leap!!
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    definitely smoother
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    There are some improvements, especially noticing the browser, scrolling and calendar, but the app loading still needs some work..

    It seems like the first app loaded takes as long as in 1.0.4. But The second, third, etc. now open faster (because the app process is already started?)
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    They still have a long way to go to catch up to the iPhone's performance but this a very noticeable improvement.
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    i'm loving this
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    I've noticed everything being much faster, with the exception of the email app. Emails are now loading noticeably slower. (It was instantaneous before, now I can see the subject, from, and message fields all updating one after the other with pauses in between.)

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Auberon Barnable View Post
    They still have a long way to go to catch up to the iPhone's performance but this a very noticeable improvement.
    Are you sure? Perhaps we should call Coach Bevilacqua and have a big race.
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    Timings from my post 1.1 experience

    Open/Usable - 4 sec
    Card to usable - 2.25 sec
    Take picture - .25 sec
    Update thumbnail - .50 sec
    To Pictures - 5 sec

    Open/Usable - 4 sec
    Card to usable - .25 sec
    Scrolling:thumbnail update - .50 sec
    Pick thumbnail/View Image - 2 sec (1 sec to see image, 2 sec to full res.)

    Open/Usable - 4 sec
    Card to usable - .25 sec
    Switching views - .75 sec
    Add new event - .50 sec
    Edit new event - 1 sec

    Open/Usable - 3 sec
    Card to usable - .25 sec
    Add contact - .25 sec
    View contact - .25 sec
    Call - .25 sec
    SMS - .50 sec

    Open/Usable - 2.5 sec
    Card to usable - .25 sec
    Open Inbox - .50 sec
    Open e-mail - 1.25 sec
    Compose e-mail - 1.5 sec

    Open/Usable: 1.5 sec
    Card to usable: .25 sec
    Open conversation: .25 sec

    In general I would say that everything is loading quite speedily. I haven't had anything that I felt was really painful or took exceptionally long and everything that I've seen so far has been faster. Most applications load up in 2-4 seconds and switching between modes usually takes less than a second.

    Stuttering while scrolling has been greatly reduced in all the apps I've used since the update.

    I've also noticed that I have had fewer times where clicks weren't registered.
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