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    Quote Originally Posted by alvin319 View Post
    I have sent these to quite a few different phones and some of them work and some don't. It all depends on what the other phone can translate.
    True, I understand - but if both are Pre's running 1.1.0 WebOS, does this make sense?
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    Quote Originally Posted by as4life View Post
    i'm hoping someone adds the rest of the emoticons when you hit the symbol button
    I hope they add an emoticon button in the messaging app, rather than scroll down all they symbols...
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    Emoticons are now fixed through the Help option. Now if there was just a quick way to link that document to the launcher?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarah peterman View Post
    I found a way to edit the file that controls the symbol key so that you can include all the smilies. My question for all that want it at a press of the finger, would you prefer to have the meaning (:mad) or the smiley?

    Edited: erm nevermind. I will add all to one file then anyone can choose.

    Edited: Ran into some problems
    While the named icons (e.g. :mad) are nice because they are easier to pick, if that results in what's sent in the text message then they may not be ideal. I suspect that fewer recipient phones will be able decode them than the ascii emotes. It would be nice if there were a table that popped up showing emoticons and names side-by-side.
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    A little off topic: A friend of mine has that Sanyo texting phone that Sprint is pushing (sorry I can't view sprint web site to specify the model number here). It sends the emoitcons as ascii emotes and encloses every single one between < and >. They show up great on her screen but absolutely everyone she sends them to just sees something like: <;->> and none of our phones replaces the sequence with the emoticon. It was very confusing when she first got the phone.

    When we told her she was so upset. Now she just types out smilies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic View Post
    This is friggin lame. I don't want to type out emotions. I want a simple pop-out box implementation like is found on the Treos etc. ugh...
    Agreed gfunk! I never cared about seeing visualizations of the emoticons as I typed them. I just used the pop up box because I never had any interest in making the effort to memorize all the symbol combinations. ARGHHH!!!! If I were Palm I would've left this as an undocumented feature until they put together a pop up menu.
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