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    I'll throw in my Chant.. GO STEELERS!! Superbowl Champs baby.. Pittsburgh's the city of champions.. we try and forget that we have a MLB team.. We like to consider them a minor league or even a softball team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjbphotos View Post
    I never really cared much for football I'm from St. Louis look at our team...

    but with the NFL app I my start watching more football this coming season so how do those Titans look

    So when will they come out with an MLB app?
    BLASPHEMER!!!!!! Go RAMS! lol
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    The app does look really nice. It almost makes me wish I was into football. I put it next to the nascar app in the launcher.
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    the VOD part of the app does not work.
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    I think it's the Bengals year. Who's with me?????????
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    Panthers all the way, Baby!
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    STEELERS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best team in the NFL!
    Systems Analyst by trade, Drummer by desire and Music Lover by birth. A self proclaimed Geek and gadget nut. ii

    Did you know: The Pittsburgh Steelers have more championships than 21 other NFL teams combined!
    Pittsburgh Steelers-6 Time Super Bowl Champions!

    Pittsburgh Penguins-3 Time Stanley Cup Champions!
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    Go steelers! The city of champions! World champion pittsburgh steelers and pittsburgh penguins!!
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    The app works great for me. I love the NFL Network VOD. I was just watching a clip about how Ben Roethlisberger raped and devoured the souls of some poor, innocent babies. It's great!

    And since we're being homers...
    Brady is back and all y'all in trouble!
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    It'd be great if the screen can be stretched. Some of the print is too small.
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    Is it just me or does the video not auto-play? It says it's playing but I have to hit pause and then start again to get it to work.
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    I love the option to get notifications when your team scores, big play videos and audio, etc.

    Do you think that you will need to have the app card open to get the notifications?

    I like to keep almost no cards open and it would be cool if they just pushed through like mail notificationd and what not.

    Also, lets throw in some love for the Pats, Brady is back!
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    Unfortunately I'm a Cowboys fan. At times I wish it weren't so but with having the family I do I never really had a choice. Looking forward to using this app. I'm new to sprint so its all new to me.
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    The video is nice but it needs work. Tends to have audio issues even over wifi. It could have just been the videos but not sure.

    Also I had some issues with youtube after using the NFL app. I couldn't get any youtube videos to play afterwards forcing a reset which fixed the problem. I haven't had a chance to re create it.

    I also wish it didn't default to the fantasy tab opening when you open the program.

    The Print could be a different size or color or something. It can be hard to read and scrolling the print is lagy but the rest is pretty smoothe.
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    how do you subscribe to alerts?
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    So does anybody know about logging in to your account via the pre app? I would assume it was an easy thing to do, but thus far I haven't found a way to do it.

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    I love the APP.... tonight I checked it and it told me Big Ben is a ****** and Brady is a cheater..... spot on!
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    I'm sure this app is great if you're into sports, but why couldn't they have just put it in the app catalog? Now I've got two worthless-to-me apps (NASCAR and now this) taking up space in my too-limited memory, neither of which I can delete because Sprint thinks every Pre needs them.
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    I'm not a football fan, but the app is wonderful. I can only hope something similar gets released for the NBA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bgc42169 View Post
    the VOD part of the app does not work.
    I'm having same problem ad you and another member. Gonna try a reboot here in a min to see if that fixes it.
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