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    I was waiting at the Sprint store the morning the Palm Pre came out.... I got one of the last phones that my store had in stock... I loved the thing... Every thing about it. BUT... I missed my blackberry. Knowing that the BB Tour was coming out in a couple weeks I returned the Pre.. I had no issues with it at all, the battery life was great and the phone was awesome. Well the Tour came out.. I jumped on that bandwagon the day it came out and thought I would never look back... Boy oh boy was I wrong.

    I knew my problems started when I activated the thing and was driving to work the next day and dropped a call. I drive on the interstate to work 5 days a week... for the past 2 years... and I have NEVER dropped a call on any phone. I had the phone about a week and dropped... probably about 15-20 calls. My signal would jump from 5 to 1 back to 5 then to 1x then roaming.. it was like a friggin dance!

    I LOVED the Tour, I had the typical I'm addicted attitude and would come over here to look at all the problems people were having with their pre's... meanwhile I'm dropping business calls while my girlfriend with her blackberry curve is talking away to her friends. But I started to notice something...

    Even with the problems with the pre it still didn't seem that bad to me.. Their was not one problem that a trip to my trusty Sprint store couldnt fix on the Pre... Meanwhile my 2ND Tour was also dropping calls... Give me a cracked screen give me a loose slider but when you start messing with my signal your bound to **** me off!

    So I lived with it for about 2 weeks, during that time I would stop in to Precentral every couple days... then every day... then multiple times a day, I started to notice I wasn't even visiting Crackberry anymore... I was on during work!!! More than I was when I had the phone!

    I missed the touchscreen
    I missed the battery life (yes my pre was better than my tour!
    I missed the NATIVE google and facebook sync!
    I missed my loose slider!! All I had on my Tour was a loose battery cover THAT DIDNT EVEN HAVE A KEYBOARD UNDERNEETH IT!!
    I Missed WebOS.. and I was in denial...

    I.. A blackberry addict was in denial of my addiction to the Palm Pre... I should be disgusted with myself... So you know what I did....

    you'll never guess....

    I went home
    Got my Tour Box
    Drove to the Sprint store
    Returned the Tour
    Exchanged for the Pre...

    And you'll never guess what happened...

    I get home,
    Apply my best skin ever skin to my phone
    wait for it to dry....
    come surf pre central..
    FIND OUT WEB OS 1.1 was just released!!!
    Turn on my pre and start upgrading!!

    I am not looking back this time. Yes the blackberry devices rock, yes they work without any problems but I was bored... I've had a blackberry since the 8703.. I am just bored with blackberry OS.. No hard feelings to or any blackberry addict, I still am one. But it was time to move on... To bigger and better things, and I owe it all to you guys on all 100% of it.. Because without you guys I would still have the Tour and not even know what I'm missing.
    <I accidentally the whole pre>

    <Palm Pre Speed Test>

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    Welcome back
    "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." ~ Samuel Beckett
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    The force is strong with you.
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    Snatch the pebble from my hand, grassho....

    Oops, sorry, wrong genre.
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