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    So like everyone else, I've been reading the change list for the new update and i noticed it was kinda scarce for something thats 87 mb. Are there numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements that are taken into every release that aren't listed?

    This is the list im referring to BTW:
    Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Software update information for Palm Pre Sprint p100eww
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    There are likely a lot of smaller bug fixes that don't even warrant a mention. Also, depending on packaging, small bug fixes may necessitate the replacement of large binaries, even if only a few lines of code were changed.

    And the NFL mobile app is probably fairly sizable.

    Also, this is version 1.1.0, not 1.10
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    I'm assuming that there are whole boatloads of fixes to any number of issues. I think the changelog really only addresses changes that are visible to the user and thus need to be specifically mentioned to avoid confusion.
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    You have to understand how these updates work too. Even a one line code change requires a rebuild of the entire package it belongs to. So if your package is 10MB, and you change one line..your upgrade is going to be 10MB

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