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    I've noticed that new messages in text windows kind of "lag" a bit before showing up. I don't know how to explain it though. Like, the notification will pop up, go away, THEN the message will show. It's kinda annoying, don't know if anyone else has mentioned it.
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    Anyone else notice this? Its so bad that I was showing my pre to my girlfriends sons friend (I don't know any other way to refer to him!) and I was embarrassed at the lag. I told him it doesn't usually do that but sadly it does post 1.1.
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    When I drag and drop music the files show up in the Pre's folders but after a disconnect it from my computer most of the music files aren't there. This didn't happen before 1.1
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    yeah, and i think it's slower than the prior version... what the heck? this is starting to remind me of a Microsoft Operating System. Laggy menus, slow performance... Come on. This is unacceptable. Contract or not, I'll dump this thing in a couple months if it doesn't change.
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    I agree with above post. WebOS 1.1 seems to be pretty laggy and is much slower performaning than the previous version. I just don't understand why they keep updating minor features that aren't that important and keep ignoring the critical issues.
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    Mine is a bit faster with 1.1.0 and I have lots of movies and videos on it. I'm not seeing the decrease in speed but increasing it will serve it well!!
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    I'm seeing a performance increase, myself. It's not a jump to warp 9, but I do see it. Are many of you keeping lots of cards open? That can cause an issue...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trouble573 View Post
    Mine is doing the same thing. Upper left screen says "phone offline" The screen keeps switching from Palm logo and home screen. Touch screen feature no longer works and battery is not charging. Can't seem to make it break the cycle. Pulling the battery does not cause it to rest itself.
    UPDATE: So I took it in to a Sprint store today - they tried a hard reset, which didnt do anything. I walked out with a brand new Pre. Just finished updating it to 1.1, and it is working great.
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    I updated to 1.1 the day after getting my Pre so I didn't get to do much comparing. I look forward to forwarding an e-mail since there's no garbled text anymore.

    I hope we can forward text messages soon.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hannibal 1073 View Post
    Dowload was simple, piece of cake, didnt take too long. I did notice that besides the volume for the alerts changing, the volume for video playback or YouTube is significantly lower. Start with volume all the way up, lower it with the volume rocker and before the volume bars even get "half way", it's already so low you can barely hear it. Volume was never that loud to begin with but it seems like it totally dropped. Anyone else?
    Yup - Palm confirms they **** up the volume in 1.1.0 and that a patch is under development.

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    Quote Originally Posted by art_sjc View Post
    I hate that the screen turns on even when locked and "show notifications when locked" is disabled when a notification comes in now. In 1.0.4 the screen would stay off and only the sound would play. This phone already has enough battery life issues (although 1.1 seems to improve it noticeably for me, though it could just be placebo effect) without them finding ways to make it worse.
    i thought it always powered on the screen for a bit. something I always had a minor complaint.

    but yeah, the "some faster some slower" seems really odd. I don't want to have to deal w/ a store and a new pre..
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    Zoom even further in Word docs.
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    I lock my screen with a pin. Since I have done the 1.1 update I have a lag before the pin pad comes up. Also if the phone is locked when I receive a call I can not unlock it. When I move the lock outside the drag area only the blue cloud screen comes up. This is a big problem because I can't access anything on the phone if I don't keep it unlocked. Has anyone else noticed this problem and where you able to fix it? Other than that love the pre just this update has hindered it for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    If this is true, I will be happy!! We can play our voicemails from Google Voice!

    Edit: No go on the voicemails from Google Voice....I just tried it to no avail. Still says its an invalid file type.
    I don't know specifically about Google Voice, but I've been listening to WAVs through Gmail on the Pre for a while now. CallVantage, my VOIP from AT&T, sends voice messages as WAVs, and they play fine...
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    No selection of icons, have to spell them out colon - parenthesis Then after you hit send it makes a smiley face. Also if you say - R U leaving? It spells it out - Are you leaving? Just some things I have noticed. Also clock and pics when you turn go to panoramic view, but not email. Oh well, maybe next update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acculver View Post
    How did you do the BibleGateway? I would love to add that thanks has a list of web-based Bibles.

    Being me has its advantages.

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    The highlighting has gotten much better. you don't have to move along exactly over what you want highlighted but rather just keep highlighting and it will automatically highlight. Before you had to do every line manually. Now it is automatic
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    Quote Originally Posted by Balphazar303 View Post
    The highlighting has gotten much better. you don't have to move along exactly over what you want highlighted but rather just keep highlighting and it will automatically highlight. Before you had to do every line manually. Now it is automatic
    Ummm... not so. Your finger never had to be anywhere near the actual text being highlighted. Also you may notice that when you start highlight or cursor move that four arrows appear around the current character. You can move your finger up or down to move or highlight entire lines. Again, this has always been the case.
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    I just noticed that when I reply to an email that is in one of my sent folders (basically I am replying to myself) the email below is jumbled just like before.

    You might be wondering why anyone would ever reply to themselves? Well, I was trying to copy something from an email I already sent and found out it becomes a jumbled mess.
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    For the first time, I occasionally get a pause in the music player playback (playin a memory stored podcast) when I'm listening to the player and opening a web page simultaneously.
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