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    Quote Originally Posted by thegeester68 View Post
    Were we always able to email a memo???
    nope...that new..
    I discovered thanks to this site.
    I'll probably never use it but that a cool feature.
    actually i think i will make up a reason to email a memo...

    there alot of little ascetics changes.
    The reset option under device info is grey instead of green.
    I know because i've had to restart the phone many times do to it acting really weird after too much heavy multitasking use
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    I haven' seen this anywhere in this thread, but I could be wrong and just have missed it. Now if you have multiple cards open, and tap a notification for say an email, it doesn't rearrange your card order and move the email card to the far right. They all stay in whatever order you set them in. Nice, as I like to keep things arranged so that when I swipe back and forth between cards using the gesture, I know what will be coming.... Good job there Palm!
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    Is it me or the launcher bar used to hide once you pressed the launcher icon on the right and now stays on top of the application icons? I'm not sure I prefer it this way.
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    After the 1.1 update, I find the overall responsiveness of the operating system (OS) feels to be just a tad bit quicker. It is not a hugh increase in speed, but just a feeling of not having to wait for the OS to respond to my input.

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    There are a few changes in the way it handles multimedia from the browser. I tried clicking on various media types, before if you clicked on a QuickTime video it would go some sort of loop and you had to dismiss it faster than it made new windows. Now it properly launches a media player and either plays the video or says "unknown format".

    It also seems to have a new slider for playing MP3's that you clicked on in the browser. Before it would only give you the forward/back/play pause buttons so if you played a 30 minute podcast and wanted to go back you had to start from the beginning.

    It also seems to return correctly to the browser after playing media.

    It still seems a little picky on video format types, it will play the audio from 3GP files generated on the treo/Centro. It wouldn't play any QuickTime files with H.264 that I tried but it did playback a 3ivx Quicktime. it also rejected an AVI with MPEG4/MP3 (typical TV download) and rejected a WMV with WM9.

    On another topic, does anyone know how to get the new automatic reminders to work? It says something about a partial erase and re-logging in to Palm.
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    New "Due" filter - lets you just see things that are due - very nice and now makes Tasks much more useable

    One difficulty: the filter dropdown menu is VERY finicky. you have to touch in the left upper corner to get it to drop down

    Calendar program seems much more usable.

    App Catalog definitely loads faster.
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    Another quick one: Synergy did a much better job putting my contacts together from multiple sources. Awesome stuff! (Gmail, Facebook * Outlook via Chapura)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ebernal718 View Post
    i noticed while scrolling through text using the orange key (i.e not highlighting text just moving through it) you can now move vertically. prior to the update I couldnt do this im not sure if everyone else was able too but I sure couldn't.
    You could always do this when composing an e-mail, but not a text or instant message and yes, you can now. Excellent. I too wanted this.
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    Now you can read the message and see a preview of the pic in the notifications area. Before it would just say " New message" and would have to open it to view pic!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by preuzer View Post
    is anyone else out there getting this error after google maps starts?
    I realize it might not be the update but i am experiencing this consistently after updating.

    google error

    not found

    the requested url /maps/m?client=ms-mwm-palm&gl=us was
    not found on this server.

    yes, i too am having this problem. As soon as i updated my phone google maps got screwed ! I dont know what i should do so, i will call palm and see what they say . Otherwise , i love my pre from day one
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    Not sure if this is new or not, but I have been linking some of my profiles together and I am pretty sure that before 1.1, after you exited out of a contact and went back to the full list, it would bring you back to the top of the contact list at "A". Now, after linking or viewing a profile and exiting, it takes you back to the same spot in the contact list that you were at... is this new?
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    The fast forwarding is improved on the audio, i listen to lots of podcast and it makes it much easier to fast forward than before.
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    I gotta say, maybe today is just the one lucky day that the satellites have aligned perfectly for me and I get signal...but for some reason I NEVER get signal where I work. Since updating to 1.1 I have had full signal all day here at work, and was able to read this whole thread (not even on the mobile version of the site) with full EVDO signal! Again maybe its just coincidence (spelling?) but possibly the signal strength was improved!!! I also am geeking out about the smoothness of the OS as a whole, including web scrolling, and the new animations. Good start Palm, finally the first noticeable update for me (and largely noticeable at that!)
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    It appears no one has mentioned this one yet:

    The number of international characters and symbols available using the Sym- key has been greatly increased.

    Prior to 1.1 the capital accent characters were not available, but now they are. For example, press Sym-A and you'll now get both the lower and the upper case accented a characters to choose from; for example and .

    They've also included in several of the letter sets additional special characters beyond just the alpha characters. For example, prior to 1.1 for Sym-Q, I was not getting any special characters, but now I get a selection of \ ~ |.

    I hadn't noticed it before, but now if you press Sym-:, you'll get to choose from three of your favorite Emoticons.

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    if anyone noticed this, from messaging, clicking on a name, you used to not be able to edit the contact, now you can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxima2k53 View Post
    it was orange + sym...never orange + space...anyways it doesnt work orange+ sym anymore
    It's both. I just tried it out on my roomie's phone, he hasn't updated. And both work.
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    Had no problem with the update and am thankful for the little things. Glad we can now waken the screen with the center button and start dialing without the extra step of going to contacts.
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    They fixed some of the incompatibilities with Japanese text in the email app.

    Although anything gunked up before 1.1 will remain that way. New emails should display correctly, at least they have so far for me.
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    I haven't seen anyone else saying that the 1.1 update made any bluetooth improvements, but I have a set of stereo bluetooth speakers made by Saitek that I wasn't able to pair to my Pre with 1.0.4. Since I updated to 1.1, I've been able to pair the two without any issues at all.

    Anyone else notice anything like this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorinlynx View Post
    Can someone report as to whether they fixed all-day calendar events not showing up in the month view?
    I use an Exchange Calendar. Before 1.1, all day events were in the month view. Now they are not. In 1.0.4 and 1.1, all day events created in Outlook are spanned to the next day on the Pre. I have seen this behavior on a Nokia E71. In Outlook/Exchange, all day events are from 12:00am to 12:00am. Technically, the following 12:00am would be the next day. Of course, WinMo phones do not span all day events.

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