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    I found another undocumented update/fix!

    Previously the web browser would not recognize the phone orientation, so when you'd open a new card by clicking on a link it would be vertical and you'd have to stand up the phone then tilt it back where you wanted it ... annoying.

    Now, the web browser recognizes the current orientation and auto-rotates the new card to match your view, thank you Palm!!

    It's the simple, convenient things that matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zionixi View Post
    someone wanna direct me to a thread where I can change notification sounds? The new one is craptastic.
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    Before the upgrade I had issues sending email with TLS encryption and login/password. Now it works great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by papla View Post
    What i missing something?
    To clarify the animation, prior to 1.1 the menu opened and screen dimmed immediately. They have now made it a two step process creating a very slick visual effect. First the screen dims, then the menu slides from the top into position.

    On a side note, I have hacked at my sounds, but can anyone confirm that the default notification sound is not a Sonar ping, I'm pretty sure I had that sound well before my Pre. I did overwrite the original before I made the menu modifications. If the sound is something different, then in fact the file is unmodified and the changes observed come from elsewhere.
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    I don't get the notification at the bottom that stays there until I remove them when I am SMS the same person the notification is about

    Not sure if I always had that, but it is gone now thanks PALM!
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    I just wanted to say that I'm pretty impressed. There are lots of little things of course that I'd love to have seen here, but really I wasn't expecting much given the press about it here and elsewhere. While I don't use Exchange anymore, the syncing is much better/faster with my Google Apps account. And the simple snappiness of the UI now makes it a pleasure to use. I was really thinking to myself that in some situations the UI was getting pretty sluggish. Who knows, the snappiness might go away when I'm running 5 things at once, we'll see, I haven't tried it. Still, not bad. The EAS stuff will hopefully drag some additional corporate users over to the Pre. But in any case, this update is the most substantial one yet and to see such a big one just 6 weeks after the initial release is impressive. Let's hope for similarly large upgrades every 6 weeks. Not that that will happen. Heck I'd be happy for them to happen quarterly with maybe 3-5 minor ones in between. Hat's off to all the hard working devs at Palm for getting these to us whiny users! ;-)
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    I maybe noticed something different, when you have a web page open in landscape mode and then open a new page, the new page changes to be landscape also
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrducklumps1 View Post
    Whoa awesome! I tweet all the time (and way too much) so I bet i'd love it lol.
    Where can I get it?
    Thx for answering btw
    Delicious Morsel :: Twee
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    Okay, I think there is potentially a new kernel. uname -a returns

    Linux castle 2.6.24-palm-joplin-3430 #1 175.1.23 armv7l unknown

    Previous version was 175.1.15

    Also, there is a new rev of Java (Harmony). It's still the same M4 version but has a higher rev number.

    Lastly, the Javascript interpreter *is* faster even without the new Nitro engine (unless Palm somehow backported Nitro to 3.2.1). Sunspider is now reporting 30s (@600Mhz) for me instead of 40s previously. For reference, iPhone 3GS is 12s...
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    Pre display on Touchstone finally turns off completely.
    Takes awhile to fall asleep, but no more bright screen all night long.
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    When I dial "1" for voice mail, the screen initially is my contact picture, but then goes to the dial pad so that I can conveniently navigate through my messages. I don't think that was happening before.
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    I just got through reading the thread to this point (and I have not updated yet) so I'll try and answer the questions I remember about what things were like before the 1.1 update:

    in WebOS 1.04:
    - Menu in upper-left shows does not "animate down"
    - with slider open, any keyboard key turns phone on, but home/volume keys do not.
    - Vertical cursor movement works (clumsily) when editing mobile reply.
    - Vertical cursor movement seemed to work pretty well when editing a memo.

    I have to update to 1.1 in order to know what the differences are.
    (I don't have any emails with attached mp3s to check before updating.)

    Sorry if there were other pre-1.1 questions I did not answer. Wish me luck in my update!

    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Not sure if this is discovered yet (couldnt search shoutcast in this thream and I had no energy to read all pages) but to me its huge hidden update. Now after 1.1 (drum role pls..) I can stream shoutcast AAC+ radio streams properly. Before update it played in slow motion. YEssssssss!
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    I can log onto Gtalk while using Wi-fi
    Before the update if I was using wifi, i had to turn it off, log on to gtalk, then i could turn back on wifi if i wanted to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by volcom45 View Post
    I've seen 2 people say you can drag an email from the inbox into one of your folders? Please tell me how to do this? I have Exchange and Gmail and would love to do this. If I drag an email off the screen in an inbox, it just deletes it. I've expanded the full tree below and go into inbox but still see no way to drag an email into one of the tree's folders. Thanks!
    Go into the gmail account. Click on the email, Click on the email menu in the upper left, Move To Folder..., then select the folder.
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    Sidenote, checked apps before and after, the ones that are changed are as follows:

    Clock 1.0.3 to 1.1
    Help 1.0.12 to 1.0.21
    NASCAR 1.3 to 1.14
    Phone 1.0.3 to 1.1
    Sprint Navigation to
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    Quote Originally Posted by Technologic 2 View Post
    When you hit back on the browser it doesn't go to a temporary zoomed out view, it goes back exactly where you were, zoomed in to the level you were....much better!
    how do u do this?
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    don't see the yahoo and msn on the phone
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    The email program now recognizes an email address as a yahoo Address and puts the Y! symbol in the title bar...

    bout everything else is covered.. I wonder if there was any GPS updates in this point release
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    There have been changes to the auto-correct dictionary. For example, "ill" is now corrected to "I'll". I'm sure there are other such tweaks, but that's one that I've noticed.
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