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    one thing that i noticed but i don't know if it's from version 1.04 or 1.1 but when i wanted to change the color of my text when writing an email i had to highlight the text first and then set the color. now all i have to do is choose the color i want and then i can type.

    someone correct me if this is not new.
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    The screen now turns on and shows the lock screen for a second every time a text message comes in.

    This was one of my gripes about the Centro, so I hope they change it back soon. I get a rather large amount of txt messages thanks to twitter, and all that unnecessary screen time is going to cut in to my battery life!

    EDIT: Ahh, as part of the new secure unlock functionality, they added an option to display notifications when locked. Still, having the screen turn on when this setting is off surely isn't Palm's intent.
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    double tap zoom on the browser and pics seems to work really well now!!! before it used to respond super slow or not at all .... love the animation menus by the way
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikerz View Post
    No more checkerboarding in the browser? I can't get it to occur.
    Hmmm. its still there for me, but not nearly as bad.
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    Were we always able to email a memo???
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    Seems as if the touchscreen is more responsive and more accurate. Haven't had much of a problem click on small links or clicking the wrong things since the update. Good stuff. Now, more apps please.
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    The issue with pages rendering only half or cutoff seems to still be present but now if you zoom in and out it seems to load correctly some of the time. I haven't had the cached cooke page load yet instead of the updated one as well which is nice.
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    The photo app loads a bit different from what I remember. Each section now loads the icon preview pics from off screen(right side) into each section of the app.
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    The issues getting getting a list of folders when connecting to Lotus Domino mail accounts via IMAP has been fixed w/ 1.1.
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    When you hit back on the browser it doesn't go to a temporary zoomed out view, it goes back exactly where you were, zoomed in to the level you were....much better!
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    When I click something on the web or enter a field on the web theres an lil black box that appears for a quick second then goes away and I can start typing.
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    Facebook contact sync works great. Just added a new friend right before I found out about the update, and I manually synced contacts, and Synergy took over and merged his Facebook with the contact entry I already had for him. It looks like Facebook now updates on demand? I thought in previous versions it only did it like once a day or something... ??
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    Never noticed if was there before but when changing the wallpaper there is a button for new photo that opens up the camera app.
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    UI feels much snappier. There is also animation for the lock screen. I did notice that my hacks were removed.

    Permanent landscape email
    Launcher page mod

    All gone
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    Emoticons I've found so far:

    simple smilie
    : ) or : - )

    simple sadface
    : ( or : - (

    sticking tongue out
    : P or : - P

    : * or : - *

    Cool Sunglasses
    8 ) or 8 - )
    B ) or B - )

    ; ) or : - )

    : O or : - O

    O : ) or O : - )

    : ' (

    : D or : - D

    Slant, Oh Geez!, Whatever...
    : / or : - /
    : \ or : - \

    : ! or : - !

    : S or : - S

    : @ or : - @
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    When adding a web bookmark you just have to press the back button once to erase the title that is preloaded for the bookmark instead of holding the back button that takes forever to erase the whole name...very good improvement.
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    13 pages already, maybe I missed this being published from page one...but someone just sent me a pic and a thumb of it appeared in the notification...and I don't remember that happening before...but then again, just don't remember.
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    I think there was change to the web browser rendering. A site that was unreadable because the frames or columns were too narrow now look perfect. If you came across a site that was unreadable before, you might want to check it out again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awesomepatrol View Post
    The reply formatting issue is somewhat better with EAS accounts now.

    I say somewhat because you still can't change the font/color/size, so it can throw off the uniformity of message chains.
    You can change the color and style of font check below.
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    Classic is running much quicker and old Garnet apps that used to not be very stable on classic are now very stable.
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