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    OK, I know this has been covered before as new devices are released. I was just hoping that the Pre would have an option in the calendar to ignore time zone changes. Apparently, no such luck according to my quick testing. Can someone tell me if I'm wrong about this?

    I prefer to enter appointments in the local time zone of the place the appointment will happen. In other words, if I'm in San Francisco when entering an appointment for lunch in New York the next day, I enter it at noon, not 9am Pacific Time. However, when I get to New York, my shiny new Pre has helpfully moved my lunch to 9am.

    The option to set the time zone manually and keep it fixed on my home location keeps the calendar appointments in the right place. But then the time displays and alarm clock are both wrong.

    The only solution I have found is to disable all automatic time adjustments and set the time manually. Am I missing something new on the Pre?

    It seems like this whole issue has caused an inordinate amount of confusion and missed appointments over the years. Wouldn't a simple solution be to add a calendar option to set the time zone, or follow the phone time?
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    In the Date & Time app. You can turn off 'Network time zone' and force it to any timezone you want.
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    Thanks ronlongo, but as I described in my post, changing the time zone either manually or letting the phone do it automatically will change the time displayed on the phone. In other words, I can turn off "Network Time Zone" and manually set pacific time, and that will keep my calendar appointments correct as I travel, which is the result I want. But with that setting my phone will display the wrong time when I get off the plane in New York.
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    Sounds like there needs to be an option at the time of entering a calendar event to specify which time zone it is in. It's fine for the default to be the user's default time zone, but having this input will ensure that all calendar appts know how to shift when the pre travels across time zones. Have either one of you put in a bug/request enhancement on palm's site yet? Gotta be vocal about these things to the right channel i'm going to put in a request as soon as I finish typing this.
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    Just missed a meeting in Boston because of this!

    So I live in Chicago and was heading to boston this week for some meetings. Last week (while in Chi) I put the meeting in my calendar for 5 pm. Now this is 5 pm Eastern time which would be 4 pm Chicago time.

    I got here and then Google Calendar asked if I wanted to switch to EST. I said Okay... and all my appointments shifted ahead an hour! Argh! So I got the 5 pm meeting alert at 6 pm here--an hour after it started!!!


    Can there just be a checkbox that says: Event local time or something?!

    I mean I get that it's being "smart" here and for somebody this must be a life saver... but let's be reaslistic: if I am in LA and you are in NYC and I'm coming to visit you, we're going to be talking in NYC time. And if it's a phone meeting then I'll write in my book: 5pm (and you'll write in your book 8pm). I don't see why this has to be relative.

    Palm!? Can you help us with this!?

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