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    I found on a screenshot of the calendar translated in german.

    Instead of translating "2h free" into "2 Stunden frei", they translated it into "2 Stunden kostenlos" which means "2h free of charge"

    Hope not all the localisation is that bad with a palm device.

    btw. this screenshot can also be found on the german website:
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $someone$ $reported$ $this$ $on$ $prerelease$ ($early$ $access$) $forums$, $so$ $Palm$ $is$ $probably$ $informed$ $and$ $will$ $fix$ $it$. $Hope$ $that$ $the$ $rest$ $of$ $the$ $translation$ $won$'$t$ $be$ $the$ $same$ $quality$...
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    at least the german o2 site is updated now with the correct translation:
    o2online - o2 Angebote

    the german palm site isn't
    Palm Pre Telefon: Funktionen, Details, Rezensionen: Palm DE

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