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    We probably need a reminder thread like this every day. I know someone will come along and provide the proper link but I found mine via the homebrew app CHECKBOOK by ryaltar. It is a great app and just updated last night.

    It has a link for people who looked at the root instructions and saw something they knew they'd screw up.

    It is so easy that I stopped all my rants about 30 30 30 in the 'official' catalog.

    Milo...can you help with the link here...? [Here you go: homebrew]
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    here is your link....and I check it everyday and it is easy to get these apps on the PRE.
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    I added the link to your OP.

    Once there, select the instructions for either a PC or a Mac.

    You download the installer and away you go. 60+ great apps, no waiting.

    While you are there, vote for your favorites:
    Homebrew Survey

    - Craig

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